How are You Doing Today?

Talk about a loaded question…”How are you doing?”  Well, let’s see.  How am I really doing?  How do I want to be doing? Or how do we move past this question the quickest?  It’s not you, it’s us.  Yes, I realize that is the best breakup excuse ever.  But genuinely, we mean it.  We don’t […]

Living Well When You Are Not Well…

There is a significant measure of strength one must ascertain in order to withstand the elements of daily life when living with chronic illness.  The mental fortitude one must tap into takes great aptitude as well as sheer will.  You never know the depth of strength you have within until you have no other option […]

And Just Like That Everything Changed…POTS

In a moment, a simple breath, life as she knew it disappeared.  How can you go from being active to suddenly bedridden?  This unexpected turn of events generated more questions than answers.  Had she known even an ounce of information as to what had transpired, she may have responded accordingly.  But she was blindsided.  An […]

Yep, I Still Have POTS…

Yes, I still have POTS along with a few other ailments. I am almost finished with all my dental work transitioning to implants.  My symptoms haven’t changed much in the last year, but I also have not gotten worse.  I do not drive more than a couple of miles.  I continue to spend most of […]

Forgiving for Your Own Health…

I remember vividly sitting in his office.  He was someone who was supposed to be my leader.  Instead he was asking inappropriate questions and requests.  I found myself in the middle of a spiritual crisis.  My gut told me one thing, while he told me another.  I was confused and ill-equipped to handle his advances(I […]