Peri Menopause…The Gift that Keeps on Giving. ūüéĀ

Well I don’t know about you, but I am living my best life over here with all the hormonal changes happening inside my body.ūüôčūüŹľ ¬† I mean, who doesn’t want to sweat all day and night? ¬†ūü•Ķ Breathing…meh…it’s overrated. ¬†Tachycardia is not only on point, it is beating it’s own record. That’s right! ¬†Over achiever […]

The Power of a Name….

Have the whispers of¬†the enemy bombarded you until you see no hope? ¬†Have you given into the lies of the enemy? ¬†Do you feel¬†paralyzed in your¬†situation? ¬†If you answered yes to any of these questions, God has laid this blog post on my heart to share with you. ¬†I have been studying the¬†different names for […]

Entering a Potsie New Year…

If you find yourself feeling lonely right now, as though no one understands, you are not alone. ¬†Your journey is yours to walk, that is true. ¬†But, how you choose to walk the tightrope known as Pots is your choice. ¬†I am not speaking of the physical symptoms you are unable to control. ¬†I would […]

How are You Doing Today?

Talk about a loaded question…”How are you doing?” ¬†Well, let’s see. ¬†How am I really doing? ¬†How do I want to be doing? Or how do we move past this question the quickest? ¬†It’s not you, it’s us. ¬†Yes, I realize that is the best breakup excuse ever. ¬†But genuinely, we mean it. ¬†We don’t […]

Living Well When You Are Not Well…

There is a significant measure of strength one must ascertain in order to withstand the elements of daily life when living with chronic illness. ¬†The mental fortitude one must tap into takes great aptitude as well as sheer will. ¬†You never know the depth of strength you have within until you have no other option […]